The Effect of Subconscious Mind on your Body and Health


Our mind works by electrical impulses that are transformed into chemicals and emerge to all parts of the body.


The heart of the brain – which is our limbic system made up of the amygdala, the hippocampus, the thalamus and other structures – really converts the person’s emotions into chemicals that go through the body.

In some cases, bad repetitive emotions such as anger, anger, resentment, frustration, anger, depression, sadness … generate certain toxins that invade the body, especially the cell membrane and make them addictive to these chemical.

Through the membrane of the cell, which is the true brain of the cell, these toxins enter the inner body and later reach the cellular DNA and that is where those poisons are going to make that preponderance. It is going to catapult the process so that the genetic phenomenon occurs and the disease is generated or appear: cancer, diabetes, asthma … especially in people who have that genetic predisposition.

However, if the person is taking drugs and that drug is directly attacking the symptom and not the source of the problem, poisonous and toxic chemicals continue to be produced and there will not be enough medication to inhibit that problem. The person, in the end, will be defeated.

We have a “truly gigantic” self-healing power based in our “Subconscious mind”.

When you activate the communication with the Subconscious to find the origin of why you are producing these harmful chemical substances, the probability of suspending the process or modifying it will gradually help you to recover your health.

The WHO recognizes that approximately 85% of all diseases are of psychosomatic origin, that is, of emotional origin. When this is published and disseminated, it generates a lot of expectation because … that such a serious organization, the most important organization in the world in human health, recognizes that 85% of diseases are degenerative, that is, they are from attrition and that wear is much more emotional than physical, and there is only 15% of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites, it’s hard to think …

The person is presenting physical symptoms, somatizing their EMOTIONAL SITUATIONS. The Psychological part is becoming a SYMPTOM.

And then … what is the origin?

If WHO says that 85% of diseases have a psychosomatic origin, we must work our mind to modify the emotional (psychological) condition and consequently activate what we call the internal doctor.

What is the internal doctor?

The internal doctor is the natural defense system that our body has, which has been paralyzed, affected or diminished due to emotional, psychological situations. That is why the symptom has appeared. So not only should we directly attack the disease, but also the EMOTIONAL FACTOR that is generating the disease, which in this case has a psychological factor as its origin. By working our mind we can eliminate the EMOTIONAL FACTOR that is inhibiting, stopping or limiting the internal doctor: the defensive system or immune system.

In fact, this cause is so recognized worldwide that at this time an Immunologist, a doctor who makes the specialty of Immunology now goes on to give the name of Neuro-Psycho-Immunology.

Something that happens, truly interesting, to be working repetitively in cases of different people with the same disease or with the same symptomatology is found that the emotional factor has a similar or very similar origin.

It does not mean that strictly all people who suffer from a migraine have an emotional problem and the same, but they do find similarities. In fact, there are whole books that speak of certain emotional patterns as facilitators, that is, that predispose us to suffer certain diseases.

By having these records, it is easier to focus on health because we already know where the possible emotional patterns would go.

When the genetic factors are analyzed, it is not directly the genetics that originates the problem but the genetic pre-disposition factor that if activated will generate the disease; there are pre-gene receptors, which are going to arrive and are going to make that pre-disposition and those are the result of the EMOTIONAL part.

I want to clarify that working with our mind is NOT a medical therapy, that is, it does not directly attack the disease, it does not work directly on the disease. IF it does, but in an indirect way, reactivating the internal resources of the person, re-activating our INTERNAL DOCTOR.

One of the pioneers of this BODY-MIND union in recent years has been Louise Hay through her film and her book “You can heal your life”. She sums it up like this: change your thoughts and you’ll heal your life … and let the Internal doctor take care of you.


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