The Ho’oponopono Mental Technique


“Who looks out, dreams. Whoever looks inward, awakens. ” ~ Carl Jung


If you still do not know what Ho’oponopono is, be prepared to receive this information that can change your life for the better. And we are not exaggerating, it will actually change your way of appreciating things. Only open your mind to higher knowledge.


The first “awakening” you have had with the Law of Attraction and the DVD The Secret. The Ho’oponopono will be like a second awakening, like climbing a step to a knowledge of another level about the power of thought.


The Ho’oponopono is basically a Hawaiian technique that serves to clean limiting beliefs, and therefore serves to cure diseases, create miracles and a number of other benefits.


The Ho’oponopono goes back to ancient times in the archipelago of the volcanic islands of the Pacific Ocean. However, the first writings of Ho’oponopono were given until the 20th century. Then in the early 80’s, Morrnah Simeona updated the teaching and even presented Ho’oponopono programs to the United Nations.


Currently one of the greatest promoters and practitioners of this technique is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. The story of Dr. Len is unlikely for many people. In short, he is a therapist who healed a whole group of mentally ill and criminals without having seen one of them in person.


Dr. Len was assigned to a mentally ill hospital in Hawaii and used a Hawaiian technique called “ho’oponopono self-identity”. As a therapist, he asked the Hospital authorities to agree with him not to see any patient individually, he would not attend them in his office, he would walk through the corridors where there were patients, he would see them but he would not even talk to them. When he returned to his office, he would close the doors and think of each patient, review the files and at that moment apply the technique with each of them to clean up what he felt inside of him.


While using this particular healing technique, patients began to improve. He just looked at the files, and whatever he had written there, Dr. Len cleaned it in his mind. And how did he clean it? Simply repeating 4 sentences:

I love you

I am sorry

Excuse me please

Thank you

The technique was so successful that the Hospital ran out of patients and had to close. Dr. Len now lives in California and is dedicated to giving talks and workshops on Ho’oponopono.


Now, what do those 4 sentences have to do with the patient? Dr. Len responds: “What I know is wrong with the other person is really inside of me. And what I do is ask the Divinity (God) to clean up what is in me, because by eliminating what is in me, it is eliminated in the other person “.


Hospital patients were so aggressive that the majority of patients were chained or sedated. Regularly, employees walked through the corridors with their backs to the wall so as not to be attacked from behind. And most nurses gave up the few weeks of working there because the environment was too ugly, dark and depressing. That is the reason why Dr. Len was authorized to do everything he asked for, including this method he has used for more than 25 years.


The Ho’oponopono technique deals with complete responsibility. Dr. Len adds: “Most people who have woken up have heard the phrase ‘ you create your own reality ‘. If someone appears in your world and you create your propa reality, then you created that person as well. “


In other words, what Dr. Len wants to explain is that, when he was in the hospital and reviewed the files of the mentally ill people who were murderers or rapists, and he felt something inside of him, he took that feeling, perception or observation and the I took the Divine and said the 4 phrases: I love You, I’m sorry, Forgive me please and Thank you. What he asked was that the observed be erased, in this way while erasing in it, that was erased in the other person.


This is 100% responsibility. It is about being responsible for everything that appears in our life. All. From a relative, a neighbor, your boss, you help create it. In a way, the outside world does not exist, it’s an illusion. The outside world is a projection of your inner world, your consciousness, your current mental state, your beliefs.


This is to take the Law of Attraction to a new level. Dr. Len says you create everything from outside, including other people. Most of us understand that we create our reality by what we say, think, do and feel. And with the Law of Attraction, we know that we attract all the situations and events that are happening. But with the revelation of this method, what we do is create everything, including other people and their experiences.


Dr. Len worked for 4 years in this hospital and after a few months of applying this technique, people began to improve. The sedated patients stopped being sedated. Chained patients no longer had to be chained. In fact, even the employees came to work every day happier and were happy to work with Dr. Len. The employees did not know what Dr. Len was doing since he only locked himself in his office, reviewed the files and “cleaned” them.


The first step of understanding the process “self-identity ho’oponopono” is to understand that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our life. And second, when you experience something from another person that you do not like (anger, frustration, etc.) what you have to do is take it to the Divinity (God) and ask that it be eliminated, by constantly repeating the 4 sentences: I love you; I’m sorry, please forgive me, thanks.


Imagine what those 4 sentences do about the mentally ill; now imagine what they will do about you.


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