How to Practice Ho’oponopono

Man Praying

What is the true power behind the words I LOVE YOU, I FEEL IT, FORGIVE ME PLEASE, THANKS?

The mental technique of Ho’oponopono teaches us that they should be repeated all the time.

Man Praying

We all have that inner talk within our mind, which is sometimes too critical of ourselves. The idea is to replace that internal talk with the constant repetition of I LOVE YOU, I FEEL IT, FORGIVE ME PLEASE, THANK YOU.


Just doing that gives you a new concept of you, changing your own inner perception. Instead of having a negative internal talk, now you have a positive internal talk. This is the first level of what these 4 phrases do for you. But even more important than that, it is the idea that these 4 sentences go to the Divine (God).


If you do not believe in God, open your mind to the possibility that there is a force greater than you. At some point in your life you realize that you are not alone, that there is something that gives you shape, that you are not in total control, something that observes you, something you are part of, something very big. These four lines help you to communicate with that great being who is in control of everything, which we call the Divinity.

Ho’oponopono Method:

You can say these 4 sentences in any order. Joe Vitale, master of The Secret, gives us his point of view. He prefers to say: I’M SORRY, FORGIVE ME PLEASE, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU. His rational explanation is the following:


“I say I FEEL it because I realized something. If someone crosses me when I’m driving my car, or if someone does not fit me and does not give me a job I asked for. Instead of blaming the other person, I look inside of me and tell the Divine I FEEL. It means that I regret whatever is inside of me that created what I just experienced.


Then I say FORGIVE ME PLEASE. I am asking the Divine to erase what I noticed inside me. My limitations, my negative schedules.


Then I say THANK YOU. The word “Thank you” is already very powerful in terms of gratitude issues. But to say thank you in this case is to recognize that the Divine is listening to you.


And the final phrase I LOVE YOU. In my opinion, if we just repeated I LOVE YOU all day long, that would be enough to take away any blockages within us and communicate with the Divine. The truth is that when you say from the heart I LOVE the Divinity, you are realizing the great gift that your life is, you get to be in a wonderful state because you realize that your life is this amazing gift and that you are here as a gift from the universe, a gift from God. And when you finish the 4 sentences with I Love you, you are in a state of Deep Peace, and that peace helps to remove any blockage that takes you away from the beauty of the moment. “


Do you remember the study that Dr. Masaru Emoto did on how words and thoughts affect water crystals? Now imagine what the four phrases I LOVE YOU, I FEEL IT, FORGIVE ME PLEASE and THANK YOU can do to the molecules of your body.


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