What is the Importance of Open Mindedness?

open mind

What does being open mind mean?

We all like to think that we are open-minded, but what exactly does it mean? Having an open mind means being receptive to new ideas and different opinions or points of view. Of course this sounds reasonable, although the problem appears when there are too many opinions and we give credit to all.

Having an open mind means being willing to listen to the proposals of others, even if they go against our criteria. The next thing is to evaluate these opinions and decide if we consider them correct and if we can incorporate some into our life.

People who do not have mental openness are little or nothing flexible and they are too afraid of change, because they are afraid of the unknown. They do not have the ability to change their minds and accept the ideas of others. In other words, as it is popularly said, they are very “closed”, or “structured”.

“Men are not prisoners of destiny, but prisoners of their own mind.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt-

open mind

How to empower and get an open mind

If we want to maximize our potential for success in personal relationships, in business and in life in general, it is important to have an open, flexible, unstructured mind. The best thing is not to limit yourself; There are countless things that can be done and achieved if we open our eyes to the world and the things that are within our reach.

It is very common that we are molded to some habits, to a routine, and we only see things in black or white because we are “comfortable” with our way of thinking. However, the world is full of colors, nuances, and the possibilities are endless. But of course, opening ourselves to an unknown world is a challenge and sometimes generates fear.

If we have mental openness before all possibilities, we will see that life is much more than we think and that opportunities are really abundant in every way.

Tips to achieve mental openness

We have to learn to think differently, following these tips:

Put yourself to the test. It is good to leave every so often from the “safe zone”.

Question things a little more. Who said that you have to accept things as they are presented by the system and others? If something confuses you or does not fit, do not hesitate to question it.

Learn to think beyond what is in front of you. It is necessary to understand that everything is connected and your power to anticipate and think about the future can help you enormously.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is very good to risk from time to time. If you have excessive self-demand or too much fear of making mistakes, you will never do anything.

Allow other people to inspire us. Mental openness is closely related to humility, because those who believe they know everything will never be able to learn from others and will not be able to rethink or question their ideas or beliefs.

In summary, it is necessary to think differently to free oneself from one’s limitations. Open-minded people are more likely to reach their full potential in life because they risk, dare, explore, do not stay with the easier option.

People with open minds are tireless seekers, nonconformists in the good sense of the word and are always willing to learn from everyone and everything. Recall that most of the advances and achievements made by humanity have been carried out by people who had the strength of an open mind, questioning and without limits.

“The purpose of having an open mind, like that of an open mouth, is to fill it with something valuable.”
-Gilbert Keith Chesterton-


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