How the subconscious mind conditions your life


Knowing how our mind works is very useful to get the most benefit in our favor. And even more interesting is knowing how the subconscious mind conditions your life, how it acts.


It is very likely that on more than one occasion you have heard about the similarity of our mind to a computer. Basically it is very similar. Just as the hard disk of a computer uses the binary system (zeros and ones) for the processing and storage of the information that we introduce, our brain uses two basic tools that are thought and language.

And in the same way as in a computer, the results of the success in the work that we want to perform are not only related to the quality of the machine, but also to the type of programs installed and their effectiveness in reaching our goal; in our brain it happens in a similar way.


The way we use our thinking and our language will directly influence the final outcome. If we install trash programs on our computer, the only thing we are going to get is trash as a result.


Our subconscious mind works in a similar way to the hard disk of the computer: it records and stores all the data that arrives to it and the final result will depend directly on the way in which we install the information. And just as in the computer we use the keyboard to enter the desired data, access to our subconscious mind is through our conscious mind. The way in which we use our language and communicate with ourselves and with other people is of vital importance when it comes to reaping good results.


The first step to be able to benefit from the full potential of our subconscious mind is to know its particularities and its basic functioning.


The 4 basic characteristics of the subconscious mind that you should keep in mind:


The 4 basic characteristics that our subconscious mind possesses are that it is literal, it does not analyze, it has no sense of humor and it does not recognize the word NO when it is an order.

  1. The subconscious mind is literal

It stores the information that we supply to you in an exact and accurate way, just like the computer. Record this information at the foot of the letter to have it available and be able to use it when it deems appropriate.


  1. It has no analytical capacity

The subconscious mind does not stop to analyze if what we are communicating is good or bad for us or if the final result is positive or negative. Unlike the conscious mind, it does not have the ability to observe, compare or examine what is happening.


  1. It has no sense of humor

Even when we use humor or communicate in an ironic way, our subconscious is going to take it very seriously. It does not have the ability to discern.


  1. Does not recognize the word NO when it is an order

Our subconscious mind eliminates the word NO. Our conscious mind thinks of images. Transforms messages into images to assimilate them. When this happens, you first have to capture the positive message to then transform it into a denial.


If you give an order to a person what you do not want to happen, you exponentially increase the risk of the opposite happening. Have you ever observed it? You are inducing the opposite idea and this is due to the way in which our mind processes information. I invite you to do the test with a child.


Our subconscious mind works automatically and acts very fast with our conscious mind and our nervous system. Like the computer when we give you an order, look in your files for the most effective resources to act in each specific case and give us the most effective solution among the options available.


Now you know the four characteristics of our subconscious mind and how it acts: it is literal, it does not analyze, it has no sense of humor and it does not recognize the word NO when it is an order.


To start improving your communication I propose a challenge: during a full day try to become aware of the times you use the word “NO” and try to eliminate it from your communication habit. Surely you use it countless times in the course of the day. It is very likely that it will be difficult for you to eliminate it from your way of communicating while it is a great effort to be aware of when you use it, is not it?


Thus, you will be understanding a little better how the subconscious mind acts, the power and influence it has on the mood, in short, how the subconscious mind conditions your life.


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