Why Do We Self-Sabotage and How to Stop It ?

Depress Man

Have you ever wondered why we sabotage ourselves?

Everyone in life has had frustrated projects, brilliant ideas that we have never started or illusions that we have not carried out or that we have abandoned without concluding them, to self-sabotage.

Depress Man

Have you stopped to think for a moment what could be due?

On many occasions the results are more conditioned by what we already know and our previous experiences. It limits us much more what we already know than the unknown.

And in most cases, the final result has a direct relationship with our functioning internally and in particular with the functioning of our primary brain.


Do you know what the primary function of our primary brain is?

If you still do not know it, I’ll reveal it to you: above all, its main objective is to KEEP US LIVING.

Its main mission is to dose our energy so that, in case of an imminent alert, it has all the sufficient energy to continue keeping our body in operation.

When our mind detects a threat, whether internal or external, the primary brain will enter into action and will choose one of these three options, resulting in three different behaviors in the person: attack the situation, flee or stay blocked.


The three types of reactions of our primary brain

Attack reaction:

Our mind will look for all the necessary resources to set up the opportune attack system to get out of the alert situation or the conflict in question. For this, he will use all the acquired learning throughout our life and will choose the ones that have given the best results in similar situations. All this happens in our mind in milliseconds automatically. Finding guilty of our situation is one of the habitual behaviors of this state.


Blocking reaction:

When our mind chooses this option, we are paralyzed. Our physical and mental state begins to decay quickly and we feel blocked and without energy to react. This state will continue until the situation disappears or until our mind finds another better resource to resolve the conflict. In this situation we enter into a state of shock, a phase of stress or, even, we can get to fall into a depression.


Flight reaction:

At the first warning signs, our brain will warn us that by all means we must get away or avoid this situation that is happening to us.We will try to evade in any way and we will manage everything automatically and according to our previous experiences and learning. We will avoid the situation at any cost.


Procasting, leaving things for later or abandoning our projects is the most common when we react in this way.The majority of the times that we fall into these states, in which we sabotage ourselves, is nothing more than the consequence of not knowing how to handle a situation or well, not wanting to assume our responsibility. We refuse the price to pay and the energy waste necessary to reach the goal we had set for ourselves.


Begin to know the causes and learn to value the reactions of our internal states is very helpful when it comes to knowing why certain things happen to us in our lives. And you, do you realize when you’re sabotaging yourself? Recognizing when it happens and seeing how we act is the first step to get out of that situation as soon as possible.


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