What is the Science Behind Law of Attraction


The lessons of the omnipotent and omnipresent Law of Attraction are deep spiritual lessons, reaching to the very soul and psyche of humanity, shedding unprecedented light on the consciousness underlying the universe and All That Is in it.


But Law of Attraction wouldn’t work at all if it didn’t also have a firm and inexorable footing in the physical.


When we say that emotions and thoughts and desires are vibrations we are not speaking rhetorically or metaphorically…


Learning how to use The Law of Attraction is a science every bit as much as it a spiritual art. And the scientific roots of the Law of Attraction are in quantum physics.


Using the Law of Attraction to find love & attract the perfect relationship


The spiritual implications of quantum mechanics were made abundantly clear to the scientific, spiritual, and secular communities alike in Gary Zukav’s groundbreaking book “The Dancing Wu Li Master”.


In it, he explains that the Chinese term for physics is Wu Li which translates literally to “patterns of organic energy”. He then goes on to illustrate how all that we perceive as the physical world and all things in it, including us, are actually these ever-dancing patterns of energy.


Here is the scientific iteration of what ancient theological tomes like the Tao Te Ching and the Bhagavad Gita have been saying all along, that all matter is but the ever-shifting, ever-changing interrelationships between these nonphysical patterns of possibility. That nothing is “real” in terms of its solidity and permanence. That everything is immaterial and in constant motion.


Humanity’s gift of consciousness, then, imbues us with the means to engage in the flow of that dance with intention: to guide and direct those energetic relationships to create those possibilities most preferable to us.


Quantum physics even finds evidence of this inexorable effect of consciousness on the physical world in the theory that “consciousness causes collapse”, what’s been deemed “the spiritual interpretation”, for explaining the mysterious waveform collapse responsible for the evolution of quantum systems. It seemed the waveform collapse only occurred when being observed by a conscious energy (ie. a person).


Other theories and experiments have broached this same phenomenon from other angles, including the Schroedinger’s Cat experiment (that the condition of an isolated cat could not be determined without the observer’s interference affecting the outcome) and the Uncertainty Principle (that the act of observing a phenomenon changes it). All these discoveries of quantum physicists validate that consciousness affects the outcome, mind affects matter.


Quantum theory can give us the keys to travel through deep space and time, to teleportation and telekinesis, the manipulation of matter, and even to immortality itself. Are these “super powers” and “supernatural phenomena” not merely different terms for the same sorts of energies we awaken within ourselves when we awaken to our own inextricable relationship with the Source? Is not the power to effect a radical transformation on a physical level with our minds alone just another way of looking at the power to create our own realities through our connection to Spirit?


Quantum physicists like Stephen Hawking continue to strive in their effort to come up with a unified Theory of Everything (ToE), a concise and comprehensive model for explaining and understanding everything that ever was, is, and will be. Proving the validity of the Law of Attraction on the purely physical, scientific level is an exceptionally promising stride.


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