May 27, 2022
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31 Positive Affirmations For Women

Did you know that we women have a double power of attraction?

1- The power of attraction of the Universe.

2- The power of femininity.

This is very good news, we have everything to be successful women.

It only depends on our decision, if we really want to achieve a life of unlimited Prosperity , we will have to take the road of success.

You will ask yourself what you must do to achieve it. I tell you that in the first place we have to define what we want to where we want to go and who we want to be.

That, that is the basis of everything.

Positive Affirmations For Women

The Power of Feminity

We all know that we have an additional power to man, which is the power of femininity, not for this reason we will compete with him, but we will channel that powerful and creative energy in pursuit of good.

First towards ourselves, then to who surrounds us and why not to humanity, we are universe, we are part of the whole, we are united to the whole.

The most beautiful women in the world are not those who parade in bathing suits and evening dresses in front of judges and television cameras.

The true SUCCESSFUL WOMEN are those who have the inner brightness of grace and forgiveness .

There is no physical beauty that can be compared to the spiritual dignity or attractiveness of a woman full of peace, a woman who lives in spiritual fullness, who vibrates in the most powerful energy of the universe, which is the creative energy of God.

She is a serene person because her confidence and her security are in the peace that they reflect.

She is complete, with dignity because her value and meaning are in something beyond the superficial.

That woman will reflect a kind of inner beauty that does much more than draw attention to herself. It is your true divine essence, which is much more important than anything trivial.

The true beauty of the woman is not corruptible, because it does not depend on the physical, but it is the beauty of a way of being that brings together the stillness, the humility, the tenderness and the serenity.

The women of the world are praised for their physical beauty, vivacity and audacity. But the women of God have a different mold.

The physical beauty of a woman is temporary, and its deterioration will produce bitterness.

On the other hand, the adornment of a meek, sweet and serene spirit is not a perishable currency, it will not be spent for use or subject to market values.

It does not leave marks on the soul, nor hurt on those around it.

This is true beauty, beauty is your inner values, your faith and your gratitude, knowing that your essence is divine , have faith that is heir to the greatest wealth.

The successful woman drinks from the true source of all prosperity , all love and all abundance , her being is full of light, which is projected towards the infinite and not only her being is illuminated but it illuminates everything that surrounds her.

The successful woman is awake, lives in the present, which is the only thing that exists and is projected with that healthy and luminous present into a glorious future.

Positive Affirmations For Women

“Keep in mind: affirmations are positive statements that┬áconsciously reprogram the mind to accept new ways of living. Choose affirmations that give you power as a woman. Each day affirms some of the following. “
Louise Hay

-I’m a powerful woman.Affirmations For Women
-I recover my feminine power now.
-I connect with my inner wisdom and the anxiety turns into peace.
-I radiate creative and healing energy towards the whole world.
-I change all the rules and I create a fantastic life of my own.
-I’m discovering how wonderful I am.
-I see in me a magnificent being.
-I am wise and beautiful.
– I love what I see in me.
-I choose to love myself and enjoy myself.
-I’m independent.
-I Govern my life.
-I am Expanding my abilities.
-I’m free to be all I can be. I have a fabulous life.
-My life is full of love.
-The love of my life begins with myself. I have control over my life.
-I’m worthy of love and respect.
-I am not subject to anyone; I am free.
-I am willing to learn new ways of living. I fly with my own wings.
-I accept and use my power.
-I feel at peace without a partner.
-I’m happy and I enjoy where I am.
-I love and enjoy myself.
-I want, support and enjoy with the women of my life. Life fully satisfies me.
-Explain all the avenues of love. I love being a woman.
-I like to live in this moment of time and space.
-I fill my life with love.
-I accept the gift of this time alone.
-I feel totally healthy and complete. I give myself what I need.
-I’m safe and I’m Protected.
-I’m safe and everything is fine in my world.

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