March 3, 2020

12 Abraham Hick Quotes On Law of Attraction

Abraham Hick Quote

01 – “Increase the way you feel and see what happens. If you can get rid of worry, you will get rid of things to worry about. It’s really very simple. “

Worry is usually a futile emotion if you are trying to manifest your desires. Worry breeds more concern and drives away the things you want. If you can not think about a subject without worrying about it, then it’s best to stop thinking about it.

02 – “You think about the things you do not want, mainly because you did not understand how harmful they are to your experience.”
It is very common for people today to talk about all the things that are going wrong, and this is because they do not know that by focusing on the negative, they bring more negativity into their lives with the Law of Attraction. Resist the temptation to gossip and complain.

03 – “If you want to be of greater value to others, see them as you know they want to be.”
You will never be able to change someone for the better by identifying your problems. As soon as you start thinking and talking about another person’s problems, the Law of Attraction will cause them more problems (at least from their point of view). Instead, try to see the good side of other people, because that inspires good in others.

04 – “If something you want is taking so long to get to you, it can only be for a reason: You are spending more time focusing on your absence than in your presence.”
Many people are spending a lot of time realizing that they have not yet received what they asked for.

05 – “It’s not about action … It’s about vibrational alignment.”
We have all been taught that through hard work you get what you want, but in reality it is your state of being that gets what you want. You do not have to fight and fight to get your wants, you simply have to have the habit of waiting for them to appear.

It’s not your job to make anything happen. It’s just dreaming and then letting it happen.

06 – “The Law of Attraction is more understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more the way you feel.”
Many followers of the Law of Attraction focus on trying to control their thoughts, but this can be extremely challenging as there are many thoughts to follow!

Instead, if you can simply monitor how you feel throughout the day, and keep trying to make yourself feel good, it will naturally begin to attract more things that make you feel good without having to fight your thoughts.

07 – “The Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing”
We often use “logic” to try to understand what is coming to us in the future, based on what we have already experienced in the past. If we think that things will come logically, the Law of Attraction will bring them in a logical way, which is why things tend to happen practically as is often expected.

But we also have the ability to challenge logic, imagining and believing, and that is why some people are capable of accomplishing great deeds, which seem impossible to other people.

It does not matter if you believe in something because you have seen it, or because you have imagined it, all that matters is what you believe.

08 – “When you ask, it’s given – but at some point you have to stop asking and start waiting”
Many people keep asking, asking and asking for the things they want, and they forget about waiting. Ask and let go. Know that it will reach you.

09 – “Many people put anything worth money in the category of things they have to do. And that’s why money comes often slowly. “
Most people believe that they should “earn” money through hard work and that is why they have difficulty making money. With this belief, the Law of Attraction should bring in money only as the result of hard work. If you start to expect money coming in unexpected ways, that’s what’s going to happen.

10 – “Belief is just a thought in which I think”
Beliefs are not “right” or “wrong.” They are simply thinking preferences. You do not have to believe in anything you do not want, so you might as well believe in the things that will make you happier, healthier, and prosperous.

11 – “Put aside the oars … all you want is down the river”
You can not “do” anything that come to you, you can only imagine, and allow it to be realized.

The universe will show you the way to your dream if you just let go and relax. You do not have to work to “find” it. Many people try to “force” their dreams to come true, and that keeps them out of the flow and unable to manifest things easily and effortlessly.

12 – “If you can imagine, it is not” unrealistic “
There is no “impossible”. If you can dream and believe, it can happen. We live in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities. Stay open to them.

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