November 28, 2023

30 Affirmations for Perfect Health

As you already know, affirmations are a highly effective method to change your life in every way. Today we are going to attract perfect health to our life, because this our divine right of birth and every thing that moves away from that state is not real, it is not ours, and therefore we remove and replace it with what is real and true.
Affirmations For Health
With the constant and daily repetition of these statements, we will generate an imprint in our brain to replace wrong behaviors and thoughts with correct ones and thereby attract what interests us to our life with ease I recommend you to be very constant, this is not a matter of just one day, I recommend that for you to see results you practice it every day and repeat it several times until the new thoughts are firmly fixed in your brain and memory of each of your cells.

30 Affirmations for Perfect Health:Health Affirmations

I am a strong person
I am a healthy person
I am a person full of energy
I am a Vital person
I attract health and well-being to my life with ease
Health and well-being are my own birth right
I am a grateful person because strength, health and well-being come to me easily.
Every day I wake up full of joy and well-being
I am a conscious person and I enjoy taking care of myself
I eat properly and my body gets rich nutrients.
I am the highest expression of Divinity.
I am a person with a perfect balance between mind, body and spirit
My body is a perfect vehicle to house my soul.
My body is a happy and perfect home where to live.
Today I am in perfect connection with the Universe and the Earth and allow the energy to flow easily and smoothly through my energy channel.
Today I am in perfect connection with the Divine and allow the healing of my body, mind, soul and spirit.
Today my health is perfect
Today I only have positive thoughts, which are perfect healing orders for the cells of my body.
My cells obey my thoughts.
Today I am full of love and peace.
Today I allow negative emotions to dissolve and disappear with love.
Today I let love flow inside me to heal all my emotions.
I affirm and accept that my natural state is to enjoy perfect health.
I love my body, I recognize that it is a perfect machine and that enjoying it is a divine privilege.
Today I enjoy a loving state in my emotions and allow my day to be relaxed and happy.
I am a magnet for perfect health, well-being and joy.
I am very happy when I take care of myself with love.
Today I approve and recognize the divine perfection in my body as it is.
Today I breathe deeply to dissolve all energy blocks.
Today, I breathe deeply to absorb the divine energy of healing.
I hope you have enjoyed and are constant in daily repetition of your affirmations until you reach the perfect state of health that is yours in your own right since you were born.
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