December 2, 2023

101 Positive Affirmations for Kids

As an individual interested in the area of ​​personal growth, I have been reading various works related to this topic. The following article offers the peculiarity of extending the use of affirmations to kids.

How many musicians, painters or potential writers were left without exploiting their talents due to a comment or a negative opinion about their gifts? In my coaching sessions, I have observed that many of the judgments about personal value were planted when the person was 7 or 8 years old.

On the other hand, we as parents or adults in charge of kids must be aware that positive affirmations are not enough; these must be accompanied by a language, an emotion and a bodily disposition that as a whole transmit a coherent message. Doing this from the tenderness, from the joy, with a disposition of openness and flexibility, will undoubtedly strengthen and enrich the potential of our children.

101 Affirmations For Kids

Here are The 101 Positive Affirmations for Kids:

Recently, I made a list of powerful positive affirmations for kids in the search to help my own daughters achieve self-mastery and positive programming. As adults, many of our patterns of limiting thoughts are due to conditioning acquired during childhood or having unconsciously adopted negative beliefs from our social environment. What if, while we are realigning ourselves, we begin to do the same thing with our children so they can have a better life?

Certainly, we can help our children by instilling good values, self-confidence, purposes and vital beliefs. Positive affirmations can greatly contribute to the development of healthy self-esteem in our kids, and we can also use them to facilitate their school work. If you like this idea, here is the list that I would like to share with you.

101 Positive Affirmations for Kids:

1. I can do anything in which I focus my mindAffirmations for kids
2. I am wonderful
3. I am very intelligent
4. I learn quickly
5. I am valuable
6. I love and accept myself in the depth of my being
7. I like to learn new things
8. Learning something new is always fun and exciting
9. I quickly understand everything they teach me in school
10. I believe in myself and in my power to do things
11. Although I am a retailer, I can also see the general aspects of any situation.
12. I have many gifts and talents.
13. I always learn from challenges and I manage to overcome obstacles.
14. I am open to all possibilities
15. I confront my fears with integrity and calm
16. The friends that I have are as intelligent as me
17. I am in good health and every day I grow more
18. I firmly defend my beliefs
19. Life always smiles at me with a miracle
20. I’m very creative
21. I can solve any problem easily and quickly
22. I am always willing to listen to others
23. My family, friends and teachers love me for what I am
24. I am unique and special
25. Opportunities always come at the right time
26. When I make mistakes I always learn of them
27. I accept myself even when I sometimes make mistakes
28. Every day that passes I become a better person from every point of view
29. My intuition guides the steps of my actions
30. I am always calm, relaxed and in peace
31. I’m always in the right place at the right time
32. I like to be, think and feel positively
33. Every problem that comes my way is an opportunity to get the best out of myself
34. I trust myself when making important decisions
35. I am kind and kind to everyone
36. I put my best effort into everything I do
37. I am here and I live the present
38. I am able to solve any problem
39 I can be happy even if I am alone.
40. I accept compliments with kindness and naturalness
41. I am an honest human being
42. I like to explore new ideas
43. I face changes in a peaceful, harmonious and positive way
44. I can become what I want to be
45. I can visualize the very good future
46. ​​I am a vibrant person full of energy
47. God protects me
48. I am kind, generous and affectionate
49. I finish my homework on time every day
50. I am worthy of love, trust and kindness
51. My achievements are always great and successful
52. I am brave
53. Beauty surrounds me wherever I go
54. I have an imagination without limits.
55. I am able to solve problems with great creativity
56. Everything is fine in my world
57. I give thanks for my blessings
58. I have very good relations with my teachers
59. I forgive all those who have made some mistake
60. I feel confident and safe
61. I always hope that things happen at their right moment
62. My thoughts are always positive of love and happiness
63. I express my ideas easily
64. I am brave, even when I face the unknown.
65. I reach my goals with ease
66. Only I am responsible for my own life.
67. I enjoy playing with my friends
68. I love myself.
69. I have many friends who enjoy my company
70. Trees, flowers and birds are my friends
71. I radiated love and compassion
72. Miracles happen to me every day
73. I am on the road to my great prosperity
74. I am excellent in Languages
75  I am fast and precise with math
76. I am quick to analyze and find the solution to a problem
77. I read, write and learn fast
78. I absorb knowledge like a sponge and I am able to apply what I learn
79. I put my best effort into my studies
80. I’m always attentive in classes
81. I’m very good at_________ (sports, music, singing, dance, theater, drawing ).
82. I am one of the best students in my class
83. I like the challenges that new ideas, possibilities and alternatives pose to me
84. I am a winner
85. I turn failures into opportunities for success
86. I fulfill all my responsibilities very well and tasks
87. I like healthy snacks.
88. I like to take care of my body and my physical appearance
89. I am honest and trustworthy
90. I strive to find the best future I can find for myself.
91. I am able to understand and solve complex problems easily.
92. I like to experience life to the fullest
93. I like to be healthy.
94. I manage my time well
95. I am punctual
96. I have good habits that help me have a happy, healthy and successful life
97. I always follow my hunches and my inner wisdom
98. Life and nature that surround me always offer me inspiration.
99. I believe in my dreams
100. I have an excellent memory
101. I am who I am and I’m fine! (Excerpt from the Poem of Self-Esteem by psychologist Virginia Satir

How to make Affirmation Cards for Children?

The affirmation cards for my daughters were made with bright and funny colors. I added some photos of flowers, stars and pasted them on a stack of blue cards. I found the cards out there and I asked myself what to do with them and I came up with the idea of ​​creating these affirmation cards for my daughters.

Powerful Positive Affirmations For Kids

I must give credit to my two daughters, who got involved in the project and helped me by pasting the affirmations and giving me some ideas.
And what did my daughters think?
They loved it!
They enjoyed browsing and reading the cards out loud.
Share these affirmations with your children
Any statement for children that is not on my list and that you consider important, share it.

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