100 Affirmations to Attract Money and Abundance


Our life is a reflection of our thoughts.

Today We will give you 100 affirmations to attract money and abundance to your life, they can be said aloud or in silence. Open your mind and your heart, stay alert and willing to receive the blessings that the Universe has for you.


Money and Abundance Affirmations:

Today, I let my light shine.

I want to express my unique creativity and I succeed in everything I do.

I welcome with enthusiasm and accept unlimited abundance.

The presence of joy in my heart releases a lot of good things in my life.

I have the abundance to share and to spare.

I have faith that I am being guided in a way that gives amazing results.

I must fill my mind with the idea of ​​abundance, and abundance manifests in all my affairs.

Abundance surrounds me. Today I can claim my part.

Abundance is limited only by my unconscious.

My prosperity thoughts create my prosperous world and full of abundance.

Everything I have given is always returned to me in many ways.

My life is full of abundance of good.

With God’s guidance, my life is full of success, joy and rich abundance.

I release all feelings of lack and limitation and joyfully accept the blessings of love, wealth and abundance

Today is full of opportunities and I open my heart to receive them.

Money flows freely and abundantly in my life.

The abundance is mine, it belongs to me.

I thank you for the unlimited flow of good things in my life.

Wonderful things happen to me, because I live with an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude moves me from the perception of lack to the manifestations of abundance in all facets of my life

Wealth is my Divine heritage!

I am the source of my abundance

I am the image and model of abundance for myself and for others.

I live in an abundant universe.

I always have everything I need.

I can create money and abundance through joy, vitality and self-love.

I am increasingly magnetic to money, prosperity and abundance.

My beliefs create my reality

I believe in my unlimited prosperity.

I deserve abundance.

Money flows in my life.

I am prosperous, an inexhaustible stream of wealth flows in me.

My energy is open and flowing in all areas of my life.

I always have more money than I need.

I allow myself to have more than I ever dreamed.

I speak of success and prosperity. My words elevate and inspire others.

I live an abundant life, wealth came to stay in my life.

Everything is perfect in my universe.

The universe is safe, abundant and pleasant.

I trust in me, every time I have greater capacity to create abundance.

I accept prosperity and abundance in my life.

I trust that everything arrives at the perfect moment and in the perfect form.

I surrender to my highest good.

I am linked to the unlimited abundance of the universe.

As I can do what I like, money and the flow of abundance come freely to me.

I have a lot of valuable skills and talents.

I invite the good and allow it to enter my life.

I am attentive to my opportunities and I use them well.

I believe what I want easily and effortlessly.

I am perfectly foreseen as I want to follow my path.

I know what my value is.

I honor my value.

All the money that I spend enriches society and returns to me multiplied.

All the money that I spend and that I earn brings me joy.

I am open to receive.

I have abundance in every area of ​​my life.

My money is a source of good for me and for others.

My savings act like a magnet to attract more money.

I am financially independent and free.

All my money is energy pending my mandate to create good things in my life.

I choose to live an abundant life.

My financial income is unlimited.

Christ in me now frees me from all limitations.

I am rich in my mind and manifest it now.

I have a great and constant fluency of financial resources now, they are reliable, reliable and permanent.

I trust that the Universal Spirit of prosperity will provide me with riches now.

I thank you for the rapid and substantial increase in my financial income now.

I am surrounded by Divine Substance and this divine substance manifests now for me.

I trust in You, oh God, and your just law.

I know my own will, come to me, and I rest in trust and peace.

I have a wonderful job, with a wonderful salary.

Now I am open to receive.

Life is easy, I have plenty of everything I need.

I have unlimited abundance.

This is a rich universe and there is a lot for all of us.

Now I live in a rich and loving universe.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

It always supplies me with everything I need.

I advance with a hope that the best is now coming to my life.

I hope to receive an abundant supply of money.

My greatest good comes for me now.

I always have more than enough money to meet my needs.

Unexpected money, it just falls into my hands.

God is my Source of nourishment and of all material and Spiritual Substance.

I forgive each and every debt I had, therefore my thoughts are now completely in abundance.

I only attract lucrative, pleasant and beneficial circumstances for myself and those around me.

I can receive money just for thinking about luxury and wealth.

I will always have more than enough money.

My wallet is full of money from everywhere.

I am worthy to receive abundance.

I have the wealth in every area of ​​my life.

I do everything necessary to establish a positive flow of money in my life.

My income increases if I’m working, sleeping or playing.

I’m making lots and lots of money.

I always have more than enough money to pay my bills.

I am prosperous, money flows to me from many sources.

I have more than enough money to satisfy all my needs and desires.

I can earn money fast, easy and have fun.

Money always provides everything I need.

Money flows easily to me in the avalanches of Abundance.


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