November 30, 2023

50 Affirmations to Change Your Life

Have you ever heard that “you achieve what you believe” ? This phrase refers to the great power we have over what happens or not in our life.

What we believe will be what we will find around us. Something like the well-known law of attraction.

We are energy, and the energy vibrates. We are continuously vibrating together with everything that exists in the Universe.

If our energy is positively projected towards the outside and towards ourselves, what we get is to vibrate at a positive frequency.

That is, if we complain all day we will create situations that keep us in discomfort and grief.

If, on the other hand, what we project with our thoughts and words are positive images of ourselves and of what surrounds us, that is what we will create for our path.

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If there is something in your life that you do not like, stop and think:

  • How many times a day do you speak well of yourself?
  • What image do you have of your person?
  • How often do you tell yourself that you can do what you propose? or better yet …
  • How many times a day do you tell yourself that you are NOT capable?

Unfortunately we usually treat ourselves with little love and we carry ourselves with criticism and negative images of who we are.

You have in you the power to change what you do not want in your life and to achieve the happiness you are looking for.

As Louise Hay tells us in her book Affirmations: “Affirmations open doors. They are starting points on the road to change “

Affirmations to Change Your Life

50 Affirmations to Change Your Life

  1. The door of my heart opens inwards. Passage of resentment to Love.
  2. Today I listen to my feelings and I am kind to myself. I know all my feelings are my friends
  3. The past is over, it has no power in the present. The thoughts of This Moment create my future.
  4. It is not fun to be a victim. I refuse to feel helpless again. I claim my strength.
  5. I give myself the gift of getting rid of the past and enter with joy in the Now.
  6. I get the help I need, and it can come from anywhere. My support system is solid and affectionate at the same time.
  7. No problem, neither too big nor too small, that love can not solve.
  8. I am willing to heal. I am willing to forgive. Everything is fine.
  9. When I make a mistake, I realize that it is only part of my learning process.
  10. Step from forgiveness to understanding and I feel compassion for all.
  11. Every day offers me a new opportunity. Yesterday is over. Today is the first day of my future.
  12. I know that the old negative patterns no longer limit me. I get rid of them without effort.
  13. I am able to forgive; I am affable. affectionate and kind, and I know that Life loves me.
  14. By forgiving myself it is easier for me to forgive others.
  15. I love and accept all the members of my family as they are right now.
  16. I forgive myself for not being a perfect person. I live the best way I know.
  17. I can not change other people. I let others be the way they are and I simply love myself as I am.
  18. I am free at this moment of all the traumas of my childhood and I live in love-
  19. I know I can not take responsibility for other people. We are all under the law of our own conscience.
  20. All people have something to teach me. There is a purpose for us to be together.
  21. I forgive all the people in my past who have inflicted some damage on me. I release them with love.
  22. All the changes that I have before me in life are positive.
  23. I give up all fear and doubt; Life becomes simple and easy for me.
  24. I create a world free of stress for me
  25. I am a capable person and I can face anything.
  26. I feel safe when I express my feelings. I can be calm in any situation.
  27. I get rid of my childhood fears. I feel safe, I am a human being with power.
  28. I am in the process of making positive changes in my life.
  29. I let go of all the negativity that there is in my body and my mind.
  30. I am willing to learn. The more I learn, the more I evolve.
  31. No matter my age, I can always learn and I do it with determination.
  32. I have the strength to remain calm in any situation.
  33. I close my eyes, I have positive thoughts and I inhale and exhale goodness.
  34. I love myself the way I am, I no longer aspire to be perfect to love myself.
  35. The best gift I can give myself is my unconditional love.
  36. I have enough self-esteem, power and confidence to move forward in life without difficulty
  37. I choose to feel good about myself. I deserve my love.
  38. It does not matter what others say or do. What matters is how I choose to react and what I choose to believe about myself.
  39. I am willing to get rid of any need for struggle or suffering. I deserve everything good.
  40. Today, no person, place or thing can irritate or anger me. I choose to be at peace.
  41. My conscience is full of healthy, positive and loving thoughts that are reflected in my experience.
  42. I advance in life, I know that I am safe and that I count on the protection and Divine guidance.
  43. I express gratitude for all the good of my life. Every day brings me wonderful new surprises.
  44. The more grateful I am for the wealth and abundance in my life, the more reasons I have to be.
  45. Abundance flows freely through me.
  46. I deserve the best and I accept the best now.
  47. Life satisfies all my needs in abundance. I trust in Life.
  48. I know that I can do Miracles in my Life.
  49. My heart is the center of my power. I follow my heart.
  50. I feel safe and fulfilled in everything I do.

Start talking with love and to vibrate in tune with a Universe eager to give you affection, abundance and happiness.

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