March 13, 2020

Creative Visualization Exercises and Techniques

“If you build it, they will come.” Field of Dreams

Instead of observing a problem that you want changed, imagine the situation or condition as you want it to be. The concept is simple and, fortunately, so is the method. Anyone can do it, anywhere, at any time, and for any duration – with incredible results. Visualization is one of the most powerful methods there are for effecting the changes you desire.

In a very real way your fantasies are your realities – good ones and bad ones, for better and worse. What you imagine is what will be. If you build it, they will come. Fortunately, it’s never too late to imagine something new, even if presently embroiled in circumstances previously imagined.

Creative Visualization Exercise

The process of Creative visualization is simple, and it doesn’t require any esoteric knowledge or complicated accoutrements. If you can find a quiet place to do it, all the better; if you can’t don’t worry about it. Do it on the bus, if you want. If you can arrange to be uninterrupted while you do it, great; if not, it isn’t a problem. You can do it with your eyes closed or open. You can do it sitting, standing, laying down, or out jogging.

All you do is create a visual picture of what you want (NOT what you don’t want). Create a visual picture of the condition, circumstance, or situation as you desire it to be (NOT how it currently, undesirably, is). For best results, once you have a clear mental picture of the ideal you’re creating, be sure to place yourself in the image (if you’re not already). Interact with the elements of this ideal reality you’re visualization into existence.

And that brings us to a trick for boosting the impact of your efforts: Visualization is made exponentially more effective when coupled with positive emotions. That is to say, once you’ve begun visualizing the way you want something to be – whether it’s your physical condition or your life situations – next allow yourself to start feeling the emotions associated with these desired states.

Feel what it’s like to have what you want as though you already had it now – perfect health, that relationship you’ve always wanted, that new car or Tahitian holiday, that better job, the return of something lost or missing, the resolution of a squabble – whatever it is, feel the emotions you know you’ll have when that possibility, whatever it is, becomes your reality.

The visualization is the way to make your request for a particular reality to unfold; the positive emotions you feel about that reality are the way you get yourself in alignment with it occurring for you, the way you allow what you’ve visualized into your present reality.

Creative Visualization Exercise:

It’s a three-step process:

1. Visualize your desire, and be sure to include yourself in it;
2. Feel how it feels to have that desired reality here and now;
3. Repeat as desired.

Abraham-Hicks, co-authors of “Ask and It Is Given”, extraordinary teachers of the universal law of attraction, and facilitators of the “Art of Allowing” workshop affirm that if you can focus on a single visual image for 17 seconds straight, you’ve effectively put your request out into the Universe – like giving your lunch order to the waitress at the diner. They further affirm that all it takes is 68 seconds of uninterrupted focus on your desire to get yourself into vibrational alignment with allowing it to happen.

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