March 13, 2020

10 Habits to manifest your Dreams using Law of Attraction

Habits to Manifest Dreams

Begin your day with a reminder of the Law of Attraction

I wake up every day at the same time, a Youtube playlist is played with what I believe are the best videos by Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Allan Watts and many others.

This video playlist contains all of the aspects that are important to me about the law of attraction that I want to remember on DAYS.

After that I usually spend time in silence to think about my day and to think about how I want to have my day. It’s a mix of dreaming and meditating.

Take full responsibility for every aspect of your life

To be happy and prosperous is a choice. As long as you do not accept it, it is difficult to be successful with the law of attraction. The attitude that others blame for your life situation does not go well with the manifestation of dreams.

Make sure to be happy and work on it every day. The rest goes almost by itself

Use your feelings as a guidance system

Our feelings tell us at all times how well we are in tune with the law of attraction. If we feel bad we block the manifestation of good, positive things in our lives. If you keep this condition even diseases can manifest. If we feel well, energy can flow, blockages are lifted and our wishes come true.

Rejoice over your negative feelings

Everyone is in a bad mood. So do not be mad at yourself if you have negative feelings. They are a wonderful indicator of what you DO NOT want. Listen to your feelings and walk slowly, step by step in the direction of positive feelings.

No one can change your mood from total despair to total euphoria.

But maybe you can change from total despair to rage and from anger to anger and from anger to indifference and from indifference to hope and hope to confidence and from … etc.

Put spiritual energy into your wishes

The more spiritual energy we put into our wishes, the faster they manifest (assuming we have no blockages). That’s why it makes sense to draw your wishes, to record in writing or to create photo collages. Visualizing and dreaming are also included here.

Trust in the order of the universe

The Law of Attraction is, as its name implies, a LAW. Everything is perfectly regulated. Just as gravity works perfectly, so does the Law of Attraction always work? Nothing on this earth work the way it should. Everything has its meaning including all things we call negative.

We are here on this planet to grow in all aspects of our existence. Trust that everything is fine and energy will flow.

Start collecting the evidence

Make a mental (or written) note each time you consciously see proof of the law of attraction. For a while, when I started the Law of Attraction, I e-mailed myself every day with wishes that I had and always a 2nd e-mail when one of the wishes come true.

After several pages of fulfilled wishes I stopped. I no longer saw any sense in documenting it. But for a while it was very amusing to collect evidence in writing, as it is much more detailed than the things you can remember.

Make use of selective ignorance

Ahh, my favorite topic :-). These include things like

Turn off the phone or just start using the phone when there are people who bring bad news.

People who are always in a bad mood should be kept out of the way.

Do not read any news.

Do not watch television

Delete Emails that contain negative messages

To delegate or don’t do unpleasant things.

Just increase the quality of life so blatantly.

Keep on training…

This point is a bit ambivalent. There are these people who once heard of the Law of Attraction and since then have been using it successfully for everything. I was not that guy. I had to spend a lot of time studying it and learning more about it. I question everything. I needed proofs. At some point the penny dropped and I got it. Now my thirst for knowledge is actually more that I want MORE. I want to manifest even faster and spend more time in the state of bliss.

Overall, I can say for sure that it does not hurt to read more and more books on the subject.

Dreams for the sake of dreaming

Do not dream to manifest things. Dream because it gives you pleasure to dream the dream. Dreaming should not be a job because once you associate negative feeling with it everything is wasted.

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