How to Attract Financial Abundance – 5 Powerful Techniques



Attracting money to your life is vital …

On many occasions our lack of money translates into a lack of ability to attract it …

… Or worse, a habit of rejecting it and automatically expelling it from our lives.

However, you may be wondering: But how can I attract money to my life?

Very well, through these 5 techniques:

Technique 1: Enter Harmony With Abundance

Very surely since childhood you were taught that it is wrong to be ambitious with money, that money corrupts people, or that money is the root of all evils.

Well, then we should start there. Detoxifying your relationship with money and entering into harmony with it.


Because money is important
Money and financial abundance is something important.

Many people say that money is not as important as family, or that money is not as important as happiness …

… And that’s where I ask you: What is more important? , Your arms or your legs ?

Well obviously both are important .

People think that they can put the family above money.

However, just with the money is that they can provide welfare to your family .

It’s very simple: Money is a tool. Just as a hammer is also a tool.

With the hammer you can build a wooden chair, or you can hit someone on the head.

In other words, you can use it for good or for bad … It depends on you.

Exactly the same is money . You can use it positively, do wonders with it and even benefit other people’s lives.

Then, you must commit to accept the money that comes into your life .

Accept the abundance and imagine what your life would be like if you had a lot of abundance and a lot of financial prosperity.

Because there are people who can not bear to think that they can have millions of dollars, when there are other people who have poverty and difficulties.

Obviously if you are also poor, you will not be able to help ; but when you are abundant, you can help other people, if it is your desire .

Because you deserve to attract money
You deserve to earn 10 times more than other people who may have more effort.

The truth is that this is a competitive world …

A world in which, for better or for worse, the one that acts faster , the one that seizes the opportunities and the one that risks …

… is the one who can get more abundance, attract money and better things in return in his life.

However, this has never been different, it has always been that way .

Personally, my mission has always been to help other people …

And when you provide value to other people’s lives, and you earn money in the process, you obviously deserve it a lot more.

Since you are simply generating value for yourself, at the cost of other people also enrich themselves , grow personally and see benefits in their lives.

Obviously if we talk about someone who is in a business scamming people , that person does not deserve anything that they earn .

Fortunately, there are many ways to earn money honestly and earn millions of dollars legally and morally, contributing positively to the lives of others.

And that should be your focus.

Focus on what you have and not on what you do not have
Now that you know why you should be in harmony with money, let’s talk about how to achieve it.

I sometimes receive comments from people who tell me: ” But I do not have a dime ” …

… Maybe if they are in a difficult situation …

But if we think about it, those people are writing me online, maybe from a computer or cell phone.

That’s something they have , it’s something they can use (even if it’s not theirs, they can take advantage of the time they have for important things).

In fact, they are accessing the resources that, in my case, I publish for free so that they can also improve their lives.

So, it is very easy to focus on that one does not have certain things , in our lack of certain resources …

… But it is also very easy to ignore that there are other elements that some people would die to have , they would give anything to enjoy in their lives and we simply take them for granted .

So, we have to thank that we have at least certain resources (even if they are very small), start there and try to grow as much as possible .

Now, although the title of this article is “how to attract financial abundance“, it does not mean that we are going to sit down to meditate and think positively, and immediately it will rain down on the roof the tickets or something like that … No.

The first technique, with all its steps, is to get in harmony with money and abundance, but let’s talk now about what almost nobody talks about and is:

Technique 2: Do Something To Make Money

It is fine if you believe for example in the law of attraction, or in the intensions of the Universe, or in anything else.

You can do certain things to attract money, but you have to work , you have to carry out activities, you have to at least open a business, sell something, negotiate.

Unless there are transactions , that is, money changes hands, a service, a value, a benefit is delivered … There will be no abundance for anyone .

Then you must think about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it .

That is to say, the whole theme of your mentality and of entering into harmony with abundance is a tool to propel that success.

However, success must be directed first of all to a destination and second, you must go in a vehicle there.

It works like this:

The vehicle: Maybe it’s the business model.
The turbo of your vehicle: Your mentality of success and abundance.
The road: The market.
The destination: Your financial objective.
There must be something in which you perform financially.

Technique 3: Take Total Control of Your Finances

In this article I tell you the specific strategies on how to manage your money in the most efficient way possible.

If you have control of your finances, you know how much you earn, how much you spend, what you spend it on, what percentage goes for expenses of all months, what percentage you are placing in fun, in luxuries or in other things …

… That’s where you can take control and get in the habit of getting closer and closer to abundance .

Because when you have that control, you know exactly what you’re doing and why , and you can make decisions , seize opportunities and see things that you simply would not otherwise detect.

Technique 4: Leave Side and Eliminate Completely The “I Can not”

Many people say:

” But how do I make money? I can not, I do not know how, I have no idea, I do not have a title, I do not have -this- “,” I do not have “,” I do not have “,” I do not have “and focus on all the reasons why they can not …

Instead of thinking:

” Ok, I do not have a degree, I do not have -this-, but how can I do it? “Change the ” I can not ” to ” HOW I COULD ” .

” I do not have $ 2000 dollars but how can I get them? What opportunities are there ? What’s on the Internet? How can I research ? ”

That is, change your closed, limited and scarcity mentality, for one that makes you think:

” How can I solve this problem? ”

Because when you get used to thinking always in terms of how you can solve it , that is transmitted practically to all areas of your life.

And every time you have a problem, an inconvenience, or an obstacle, your mind will immediately respond with a solution.

… Not with a negative feeling, nor with a feeling of scarcity.

Technique 5: Invest in Yourself

The most valuable asset for your financial freedom, for your abundance and for your prosperity: It is your mind , your brain.

It’s your attitude , your decision making, your emotional self-control, the way you do things.

The way you see an opportunity and take advantage of it, as “surfing” that wave of opportunities as an entrepreneur you are.

And when you do not educate your mind, you do not acquire more information that allows you to have a better position to make decisions.

When you do not update that mental library of the latest strategies, it is very easy to see yourself in a dead end , in a blockade.

It is very easy for you not to see an opportunity in this new era and it is very easy for you to keep thinking: ” But I do not know about computers, or I do not know about -this-, or I do not know about -the other- ”

Well of course! Because you probably do not study, you do not learn all the time and you do not update at all times.

So, to attract money, investing in education is one of the most important things that exists .

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

-Derek Curtis BokĀ 



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