December 1, 2023
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How to Practice Affirmations?

First, it is important to understand that the effectiveness of affirmations depends on your commitment and dedication to practice consistently. The belief of the affirmation will become easier over time. If you talk every day, then you are already practicing affirmations.

Every word you say is an affirmation. It’s just that sometimes our affirmations about ourselves, about others or our situation are not positive. Affirmations help us to consciously flip the switch and start talking in the direction we really want to travel.

How to practice affirmations

You will want to make affirmations a daily routine (or at least a few times a week) in order to achieve maximum benefits. Be kind to yourself and do it as often as you can. Like anything, it seems more difficult at first and then it becomes easier and easier until it is like a part of you.

Steps To Practice Affirmations:

Contemplate your positive qualities. 

As human beings, we often think more about what we prefer to change about ourselves than what we love. We are all unique creatures, we have gifts that no one else in the world has! Write the things you know are special to you, and write them in the first person (“I am …”)

Consider the negative scripts you want to replace with the positive ones. 

What goes through your head when it’s down? Do you have negative perceptions about your appearance, intelligence, achievements or abilities? It’s time to replace those negative scripts with those positive qualities that you listed in the first step!

Consider the positive goals you want to achieve. 

There are specific goals you want to achieve, right? As you continue to feel better about yourself, you will be increasingly motivated to work towards these goals. Write them.

Order your list of goals and scripts. 

You may find that your list of scripts and goals has grown a lot. That’s great! You will want to work on some of them at the same time. Choose what is most urgent and work on that first. When you see a measurable improvement in an area, move down the list!

Rewrite and reread your affirmations and goals daily. 

Get used to writing your goals and scripts daily, to the point that they are the last thing you think about when you fall asleep and the first thing you wake up with.

Combine your positive qualities (step 1) with your goals (step 3). 

What positive qualities did you affirm in the first step that can help you achieve the goals you have set? If you decide to lose weight and have a great focus, then you can combine these two to give yourself a little momentum. Choose two or three affirmations to support your goals.

Meditate on your affirmations. 

Put yourself in a meditative state, whatever is most comfortable for you, close your eyes and think about your affirmations. Feel the emotions that arise as you repeat the words and think about the future.

Remind yourself of your affirmations. 

Write your affirmations on cards, a chalkboard, waste paper or Post-Its and place them around your house, work and car; wherever you see them. Every time you see the affirmation, think and feel about it.

Feel Gratitude! 

Practice makes perfect. As you continue with your affirmations and begin to see real evidence of small changes, feel gratitude and move on. You will begin to see increasingly large changes in your mood, feelings about yourself and others, and in your life.

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