March 13, 2020

How to use Law of Attraction Effectively

The “Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” can now be heard everywhere. With it, it should be possible to reprogram the subconscious, in order to become a magnet for dreams, goals and desires. It is a hermetic law and is as natural as breathing. It gives you an unconscious competence. It is a kind of self-propelled or autopilot for all your aspirations in life. Meanwhile, it is used by many people – at least it is trying to use it. However, one learns in the literature on the subject, but especially on the Internet only half-truths, or it is not cleared up what can go wrong.

The consequence of this is that the law is misapplied and thus in the mildest case simply does not work, in the worst case backfires and hurts a lot. In this article I want to tell you the last secrets of the “Law of Attraction”. You will learn what to look for or what can go wrong, and also how you can use law of attraction in everyday life. I am sure that you will learn so much about the Law of Attraction that you did not yet know.

All of this sounds way too fantastic, too unbelievable, too much of a magic, too much like “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” for there to be any truth in it. It seems to confirm our deepest hopes, which is why it is appealing to more and more people. The law of attraction is now used by everyone and is virtually on everyone’s lips, and actually it is in the opinion of many already fit again – just a fashion phenomenon of the esoteric scene. But it is anything but passe, because basically this natural law (also psychologically) is about a deep truth of life. It’s about karma. So it’s about cause, effect and their consequences.

It is about the human being, and this is never fit. It’s a really great truth, but only for the one who really knows how to use it. Exactly here is the problem. Most people do not see that certain rules apply to the correct application of the law, but also other hermetic laws that should be kept in mind so that the law does not become a fatal boomerang. I would now like to explain to you what you should absolutely pay attention to in order for this law to work in such a way that it benefits one without harm.

Are you really ready to use the law of attraction?

Stick to your dreams. The law of attraction will help you to believe in yourself again. It works with partnerships, even with illnesses, but you have to use it correctly and do not doubt it. Often it does not seem to work. If you do not get something, then it is really only because some wishes are not right for you and your environment. For some it is also because they are affirmations to the outside world say yes and say yes, but in the unconscious say “no”, and thus do not really want the wish.

Do you really want to make that much money? Or do only other people want it, and you just want the money to keep these people shut up? There are many things to keep in mind that the law of attraction works so that it does not hurt you. Imagine you wished that you were totally self-confident and able to tell everyone everything immediately. On a naive level, that seems like a good and desirable wish. A wish that can only be to the advantage, the law works and you are self-confident, but your wife liked your reserved manner, your employer liked you reserve – it was basically your shyness that was responsible for all the positive things in your life so far. Now you are suddenly someone else. Bumping everyone and making everything even more complicated. Your wife does not cope with your new style and separates from you after a time of dispute.

Your employer terminates you etc. You see the possible problems of fulfilling your wishes. You want a new beautiful woman by your side, and get that too. But this woman has completely different characteristics than you. You forgot to wish for certain traits, with which you would also have grown mentally and emotionally to this new woman. In short, you can only apply the law of attraction, If you are ready for real deep change in your life, otherwise everything could backfire and your life would be worse than before. It is important that you know limits to any eventuality to avoid burnout. Everything you could wish for can be turned against you. You need to be aware of all the consequences and aspects of your life and the desire – and the connection with your life.

What can go wrong?

You do not get exactly what you want.

You only keep the desired for a very short time. A good example for this is lottery millionaires, for whom the lottery profit becomes a curse. These people eventually end up as poor drinkers and spend all their money, some even end up as a debtor, and thus in a worse state than before the profit.

What you get suddenly makes big problems. You want a horse out of naivety, but forgot that this also makes a lot of work. You want a model as a woman, you meet her, too, but you are way too clumsy to enter into the relationship or even maintain it. There are many examples for this.

What you get makes you deeply unhappy. You suddenly find out that you actually wanted something else, or that you have dedicated your energy to a meaningless illusion. With your new ego, even your very innermost intention has become a distant one. What you really want is only unattainable, especially because of the frustration of this realization.

Destroy Unconscious blockages First

Unconscious blocks are, in our sense, messages and patterns that you should definitely work on. They are not just the stone in the shoe, but the mountain in front of your path. Some do not even realize it’s a mountain, so they wonder why it does not go on the way. If you first recognize the mountain as a hurdle, you know exactly what to do. For everyone else, it cannot go on. I would like to introduce these mountains or blockages to you in more detail.

Blockage 1:

You only want the result and not the goal. But you forget that there are other more important goals in your life. Therefore, your subconscious sabotages them and sends two messages simultaneously – to the universe, or wherever – and thus creates a conflict. A dream is beautiful, but with that comes the responsibility that you cannot and should not flee. There is envy; you lose friends, etc. The fulfillment of the desire also requires a new self-image. You may find the achievement great, but you see yourself in this new self-image? If not, you will only be able to enjoy your wish in a fulfilled state for a short time.

Blockage 2:

Are you really worth all this? Are you worthy to get everything you want? Often these are the superficial beliefs that stand in the way of fulfillment. You must also integrate and accept all its shadows so that the Law of Attraction becomes a self-perpetuator that will not hurt you either. The most important thing is how thankful you are for everything. Write a so-called thank you diary. This is like a kind of appreciation of your subconscious mind. It tells him that you value it because you are taking time off for a journal.

Blockage 3:

By this law, one can easily be seduced by the convenience trap. It feels good to be able to fulfill wishes from the sofa – with affirmations etc. But what are you willing to sacrifice? Can you apply the discipline? You have to spend at least 100 days doing affirmation and concentrating on the law to become the ruler of the energies, or to control and carry them. Only then does a new habit emerge, a new brain trail. You must first repeat the new thing innumerable times until new neuronal pathways that are found in your brain have formed. So you will be able to retain the desired wish – which also demands a new self-image. The desire-will alone is much too small for a complex cosmos, as it could prevail.

How to use Law of Attraction in everyday life?

Negativity is actually an invitation to look at the positive in your life. They quickly realize what they really want. Negativity shows them very clearly why you do not want the negative and reminds you what that was actually so bad. Be grateful for the little things in life, even for what seems to be the most natural thing in life. Spend at least 10 minutes a day writing down what you are thankful for.

Pay attention to your language. Not just a few affirmations. Pay close attention to the vocabulary you use. Are they active affirmative words? Are you setting limits unnoticed? Review the day before sleeping. Were you completely satisfied with that? What could have been better and better today? Let the day run as a kind of inner movie. Be always centered and think of your inner strength. Afterwards try to relive the movie. Give a new positive ending. This will allow you to let go of the day so that you can be more aware and positive about the new day.

You should also visualize tomorrow before going to bed. What do you want to achieve tomorrow? What is your goal tomorrow? Plan next day. Sleep is a “recharge” and ‚Äúregeneration”. As you sleep, your thoughts are structured from the day before. Sleep is good for body and mind. If you plan the next day before you sleep, then the sleep of this planning is only too good. Equally useful is the daily visualization of your future.

As you wake up, ask the following questions: What am I grateful for today? What is my intention today? Be fully aware that every day could be the last and every day is a gift to you.

Maintain your mind like a Zen garden and always be mindful and grateful.

Write down what you would be if you had what you could achieve. What you write down, that’s what you are in reality. You cannot write down anything that does not exist in any form in you.

In neuro-linguistic programming, it is assumed that if somebody can or is something, one can also model it, that is, everyone can achieve and become exactly the same. Example: wealth has nothing to do with intelligence, because even incredibly stupid people are rich; but why? It is their beliefs. According to the NLP, one can model exactly the characteristics that certain humans have and why they remain rich. It is important to maintain wealth on a mental, emotional and energetic level.

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