List of Positive Affirmations


Most of the Positive Affirmations that appear here are from Louise Hay , it is important to be careful with the words that we have spoken on several occasions, the Universe and our mind are very literal , if you ask for a car without more, you may receive a toy stroller, it is important to follow a positive path, well guided and defined.

This is the way to bomb our unconscious mind , we have to feel the words so that mental images are created as clear as possible, that our mind sees that we really feel that we are on a wonderful day until the whole body is satisfied and the smile Loose us, for the satisfaction of the moment.


It only has effectiveness if it is done every day , at least in blocks of forty days in a row, to record an idea at a deep mental level and thus create new beliefs.

Love is always the answer to everything , when we love each other we work well in life, so when you go to make your own recording with your own combination of positive affirmations, you have to keep in mind that if you only collect the ones that have relationship with money may work, but that is poverty, when you can ask for everything you should not ask for one thing and always keeping in mind which is the main one.

Positive Affirmations are related to self-love, gratitude, new beliefs, health, harmony, abundance, success, forgiveness, money, safety in the Life process.

Positive Affirmations:

Thank you because every day and in every way I am better, better and better.

The natural state of the body is the state of good health.

Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me.

Thank you because I am very well, very well and very happy, it is a wonderful day and I enjoy Life a lot.

Thank you because I am in perfect health, completely healthy and healthy.

Thank you because I am in perfect physical shape, agile and flexible, full of positive and energetic energy, I am an inexhaustible source of love and positive energy.

I have given up my negative attitudes and prejudices.

The power that has created me has given me the power to create a new life for me.

I embrace positive and satisfying thoughts.

I approve, I accept, I forgive myself and I love myself, I am worthy of love.

I am flexible with my Life and in Life, I relax and let Life flow through me.

Life and the Universe are on my side, support me totally and provide me with everything I need, I am in harmony and in balance with Life and the Universe.

I have given up restrictive beliefs, now I know I have control of my life, what I need comes to me when it is needed.

From the depths of my heart gushes an infinite source of love, love floods my whole being, it is transmitted in all directions and returns to my multiplication, I give and receive more love every day and the reserves are inexhaustible.

I love myself, therefore I forgive the past and I leave it in freedom, I move towards the new confident and secure.

I love myself, therefore I live the present and experience every moment as something positive, with faith that a splendid, happy and safe future awaits me, because I am a beloved son of the Universe and the Universe takes care of me with love, now and always.

Thank you because my income is much higher than my expenses.

Thank you because I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

I love myself, therefore I take care of my body with love.

I love myself, therefore I live in a comfortable home.

I love myself, therefore I work on something that I really like and provides me with money in abundance.

Thank you because I help thousands of people every day, making it very easy to understand the way to a better life and full of abundance in every way.

Thank you because every day many people hire my services, they pay willingly and generously because their life improves in every way.

Thank you because every day a multitude of people, make donations in gratitude for the information that I provide for free and that is very useful to improve your life.

I love myself, therefore when I deal with other people or think about them I do it with love.

Thanks for all that I am and all that I have.

Thank you because I live a relaxed life and at the same time focused on the things that come well and are positive for me.

Thank you because I am a valuable and successful person.

Thank you because I have an abundance of time to dedicate myself to all the things that I like, to me, to my family and my work.

Thank you because I lead a life full of harmony, peace, love, happiness and abundance in every way.

Thank you because all my relationships are harmonious.

With love and harmony I accept my sexuality, I love my body.

Thank you because I enjoy a lot with this active meditation, I am the creator of my own life.

Thank you because with these words that I am repeating and feeling very sincerely, I am creating peace in my mind .

Thank you because I adapt easily to the new.

Thank you because I am in a moment of deep relaxation, nothing disturbs me, nothing distracts me, my mind is at peace and I have let go of the mental patterns that negatively conditioned my life.

Thank you because everything I do fills me completely and every experience is a success.

I deserve the best and I accept it now.

I listen with affection to the messages of my body.

Thank you because I am a healthy, whole, complete person.

I express my gratitude for all the good things in my life.

Thank you because every day brings wonderful surprises.

I am a magnet attracting money, I attract large amounts of money easily.

I deserve only good things.

Every cell of my mind, body and spirit is full of abundance.

Thank you because my income grows continuously and is much higher than my expenses.

The world is a safe place and there is love everywhere.

I’m safe and safe, everything is fine in my world.

I trust in the process of Life and in my spiritual connection with the Universe.

I am open to receive money in my life, money arrives in different ways.

Thank you because I have a wonderful and prodigious memory, I am able to remember what I want at any time.

I cook very appetizing food, very healthy, nutritious and as the meals and quantities suitable for the good health of my body.

Thank you because I have healed painful memories and erroneous beliefs within me.

I have great positive creativity and successful businesses.

Thank you because I feel good with everyone.

I always have ideas to generate money.

I feel abundance in all aspects of my life.

I like money and I like money, money has come to bless my life.

Thank you because I am fortunate in all aspects of my life.

I am intelligent and creative.

Thank you because now my intuitions are right, I am focused on the things I want and that are positive for me.

Thank you because I live the life I want.

I give to my Higher Power all the decisions that I have to make today.

Thank you because I have abandoned all resistance to change.

I have given up all the negative mental programming that conditioned my decisions.

Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence on me at any mental level.

Thank you because I control my mind and focus on a Life that is more conscious and better for me.

Thank you because I have a slender, proportioned, attractive and healthy body.

Thank you because my economic situation is very prosperous.


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