December 2, 2021

Positive Mindset – Master Your Mind to Dominate Your Life

What is your way of seeing life? Do you think you have a positive mindset? Do you usually have an optimistic perspective or are you one of those who sees everything (or almost everything) negatively?

If you belong to the group of optimists, who always walk through life with a positive attitude , this article can help you maintain that mentality. But if (on the contrary) your balance leans more towards a defeat approach, what you will read next will be very beneficial for you.

Positive Mindset

What is a Positive Mindset?

Let’s start by defining what it is really to think positively.

It does not mean that, if this is your way of seeing things, you will live happily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And much less means that those who have this mentality, ignore their problems to prevent them from affecting their good mood.

Thinking positively means that you should focus on the good side of things and if you do not find it, try to address that situation in a practical way, always relying on your ability to overcome any challenge and knowing that in the end everything will be for the better .

Benefits of Positive Mindset

Countless scientific studies have shown that there are many benefits (both physical and psychological), if we maintain a positive mindset.

Thinking in this way improves our mood, helping us prevent stress-related illnesses, ranging from cardiovascular problems and depression, to a common cold.

In addition to keeping us healthy and in good spirits, the positive mentality helps us increase our self-esteem and confidence, freeing ourselves from many limitations that most of the time are a product of our mind, also helping us to open up to new possibilities, opportunities and challenges.

How to Develop a Positive Mindset?

To achieve this, you must basically learn to change your negative thoughts, for positive ones . And surely you will say to yourself: “Yes, of course, this is easier said than done.”

That happens because we live full of “norms” imposed by society, which are instilled in us since we were little and that predispose us to think negatively most of the time.

“This can’t be done,” “That’s not well seen,” “That’s impossible,” or “You must be crazy if you try.” Do you identify yourself by thinking of any of these or similar phrases?

From my experience I can tell you that it is possible to change that kind of thoughts, since most of the time they are formed unconsciously in our mind in situations that we consider “difficult”, or at least “different”.

In case you didn’t know, the human mind has the power to focus only on one thought at a time. And if we keep it occupied with positive thoughts, there will be no room for negatives.

This requires practice, since most of the time negative thoughts arise immediately and unconsciously. For these cases, we must prepare our positive mantras or affirmations in advance and use them to attack the negativity as soon as we realize that our mind is taking over.

Even when we think or say negative things consciously, we can use this technique. Even if your conscious thought tells you that you cannot do something, repeat to yourself that you can, and try.

Do Not Give Up Before Starting the Battles:

With time and practice, the positive mindset will become a habit and you will see the change. Not only will you have a positive attitude towards life, but virtually every aspect of yours will improve incredibly.

The positive affirmations are sentences that can be repeated over and over again, and help us get rid of negative thoughts and encourage a good attitude towards life.

Inspirational quotes and phrases are also a very useful tool when it comes to inducing us to think positively.

How to Keep a Positive Mindset?

There are good habits that can help us keep a positive mindset and here I show you some that have personally worked for me:

1.  Reflect

At the end of each day, take a moment to reflect on the thoughts and actions you had throughout it. Evaluate whether they were positive or not and, if they were not, think about what you could do to change that response from now on.

2. Identify the Areas You Must Improve

As we mentioned, daily reflection will help you identify what are the areas in which you should work in your process to cultivate a positive mindset. We all have things that we can improve and self-knowledge is very important in our growth.

Whether we talk about habits, personal relationships or work projects, you should always try to see them from a positive point of view. Instead of saying “I have a bad habit” or “I have a bad relationship,” say “I have a habit that I can improve and I am looking for ways to achieve it.”

It is essential to work on ourselves to achieve the future we really want.

3. Trust Yourself

We only feel confident when we know we are capable of doing something right. But to do something right, we need to try again and again, until we can improve it.

If you never try something new or only do it once, you won’t know for sure if you’re good at it or not. Most skills require time and practice to develop.

“The more you practice something, the more confident you will feel about it. That security will give you the confidence to continue trying new things in the future.”

It is proven that positive thoughts are key to developing a positive mindset. However, they will not help if they are not backed by that feeling of security that is only formed through the small triumphs that you achieve along the way.

4. Love Yourself

You must treat yourself with the same love and touch with which you treat the ones you love most. Please do not denigrate yourself and do not allow others to do so. Work to change what you don’t like about yourself… But in the meantime, don’t punish yourself for it.

Find a way to motivate yourself if you feel you need it. And when those negative thoughts about yourself come to you, better focus on all your virtues.

5. Take Care of Your Health

Exercising is part of loving each other. We read it and listen everywhere, but most of us don’t have it as usual.

I recognize that some of us may get some laziness, but it is proven that dedicating only 30 minutes a day to exercise, gives us many benefits. Therefore, it is not something we should ignore.

One of the many gifts we will get when exercising, is that it really improves our mood and helps us relax. Did you ever try out for a walk or did you go to the gym (even if it was half an hour)? And if you did, then you didn’t feel full of energy and good mood?
The same effect has healthy eating. And much eye: I did not say “diet” or “starving”, because that has a totally opposite effect. But the reality is that if we consume all the vitamins, proteins and minerals that our body needs (in the right amounts), our mood will greatly improve and also increase our energy.

6. Laugh More

Laughing is therapeutic! And there is even “laughter therapy” currently. If you try to apply good humor in your everyday situations, you would live quieter and happier! It is very important to learn to laugh at ourselves from time to time, and not to take everything so seriously.

7. Program a Daily Time For Yourself

I’m not telling you to take an agenda for that, or that you can only have fun or take time for yourself at a specific time.

What it is about is making sure that, at least once a day, you will do something you think is fun.

We are used to taking time from where we don’t have everything and everyone, and yet we don’t get it for ourselves. We always put work, family, social commitments, our pets (and a long etcetera) and we often forget ourselves.

It is necessary that we understand once and for all, that everyone is responsible for their happiness and that it must have priority over the rest of the people or things.

If we are not happy, we will never make anyone else happy, and we cannot even fully fulfill our responsibilities.

Whatever you do and that gives you happiness, it will work. From having a rich cup of coffee in the morning, to reading a few pages of a good book before bedtime. Everything is valid. The idea is to spend more time doing things that make you feel good, and also (this is very important) those things are beneficial for your personal development.

If you enjoy most of what you do during the day and then rest properly, it is certain that you will notice how your stress levels will decrease considerably.

Life is a race of resistance, not of speed. And although it is true that we do not know what time we will have here, it is also a reality that, if we are always running from one side to the other, we will miss everything good.

8. Read More

Reading is indispensable in our growth and self- improvement and if you have not yet created the habit, it is never too late to start.

You can start with topics that interest you or get your attention. Almost all the most acclaimed movies are based on good books, so you could try reading the ones you like best. If you think you still don’t have the time or discipline to read a complete book, you could start with articles on the internet.

Reading will expose you to new ideas, cultures, points of view and even to different worlds. Not only is it something that entertains you, but it teaches you and while you read. Your brain is exercising.

The habit of reading will also help you expand your vocabulary considerably. And if, for example, you are learning a new language, reading will be very beneficial for your progress.

9. Be Surrounded by Good People

Make sure that those who are on your side deserve to be there. As we said, we must love and therefore take care of ourselves, and that also includes protecting ourselves from those who harm us, even if they do not do so “with intention.”

Toxic people are everywhere and can be a family member, your partner, a friend and even your boss or a co-worker. These types of people affect our mood and even our self-esteem (especially if they are very close), since their opinion really matters to us.

If this is your case and you have a toxic person close to you, the best thing you can do is take distance and at the same time, surround yourself with positive people and with similar goals to yours.

At the beginning of this article we mentioned that maintaining a positive mentality does not mean that we will be happy all the time, since life comes with a lot of emotions and, although we know how to handle them properly, we must allow ourselves to feel them and also express them.

But a positive mindset will help us maintain a healthy physical and mental state because it will motivate us to make the changes we personally need to live a happier and more rewarding life.

So let’s cultivate those habits that are beneficial to our development, without allowing anything or anyone to get in the way of achieving the life we ​​dream of.

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