May 19, 2024

31 Positive Affirmations for Self-Esteem

Affirmations are a powerful and effective tool to reprogram your mind. Affirmations of self-esteem are focused on strengthening your personal self-image.

For years you have developed patterns of thoughts and beliefs. Surely some play in your favor however there are others who sabotage you and become limiting beliefs that weaken your self-esteem every time they resonate within you; This sometimes happens without you even noticing.

Positive Affirmations Self Esteem

Think of a time when you wanted to try something new or different, which represents a great opportunity; or you want to face a challenge and unleash those little voices in your head that directly attack your personal valuation or your merit.

Maybe at the beginning you were extremely convinced that you could do it but then your mind starts to play with these entrenched beliefs and suddenly you feel less capable or prepared to face the situation.

To strengthen your self-esteem and recover your personal power, it is worthwhile to try to repeat a high dose of affirmations of self-esteem every day.

Ideally, for you to work very well is to develop them to your needs, however if you do not feel sure of doing it correctly, here is a list that can be a good starting point.

31 Self-Esteem Affirmations:

I am worthy of love in all its forms and expressions.Self Esteem Affirmations

I am a person worthy to love and be loved.

The more I love myself unconditionally, the more love comes into my life.

Every day offers me a new opportunity. Today is a great day for me.

I get rid of old patterns. I get rid of them without effort.

All the energy of love is inside me.

Love brings joy and energy to my life.

I open my mind and my heart to love.

I am willing to live with well-being and to love myself at all times.

I am talented and I learn new ways to appreciate myself every day.I take better care of my body, my mind and my heart because I love myself.

I am perfect and complete just as I am.

I am expansion, I am abundance and I am love.

I am willing to see and recognize my talents, my qualities and my beauty.

I am willing to be free from criticism patterns towards myself and other people.

I give myself permission to focus on what I like about myself.

I get rid of my fears and allow myself to trust my body.

I attract people and information to my life that help me stay healthy.

I am the architect of my own health and built the foundation with every choice I make.

Every day that passes my body has more energy and becomes younger and healthier.

I am unique and I am very valuable.

I live the present and experience every moment as something positive.

I give and receive more love every day and the reserves are inexhaustible.

I listen to my inner compass to make the changes that are convenient for me at this moment.

Every challenge gives me the opportunity to grow, learn and be happy.

I trust in my inner strength and I surpass myself.

I organize my time to take a break, relax and enjoy.

I allow myself to feel calm and I always find spaces to relax.

I pay attention and listen to my body and my emotions because they are part of me.

I connect with the love that is inside me and I also give love to others.

I am open to new experiences, I find security inside me.

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