October 14, 2021

High Self Esteem – How to Start Seeing Yourself With Love

Our self-esteem is nothing more than the reflection of how we think and feel about ourselves.

And just as there are many people with positive feelings towards themselves, there are those who are usually their worst critics, judging themselves severely and condemning unfairly and sometimes even cruelly.

High Self-Esteem

What Does High Self Esteem Mean?

We can say that you have high self-esteem when you believe in yourself and trust in all the qualities you have to give others.

When you recognize that, despite having weaknesses like everyone else, your strengths are worth more.

Then you keep a positive attitude to the difficulties that arise, simply because you trust that you are able to overcome them.

When our self-esteem is high, we focus on our virtues and strengths and feel like worthy and valuable people. Simply put, high self-esteem is having a good opinion about yourself.

Benefits of High Self Esteem:

This attitude has many benefits and we list a few:

1. Decrease Your Stress Levels

If we distrust ourselves and our abilities, the amount of worries increases, as do the levels of stress.

Someone with high self-esteem knows what he is capable of doing, and therefore remains calm in the face of any difficult situation.

2. Helps You Maintain a Positive Attitude

While it is true that high self-esteem will help us maintain a positive attitude and handle situations with calm and cold mentality, this does not mean that we will not have disappointments in life.

But (unlike those people who have lower self-esteem), maintaining high self-esteem allows setbacks not to affect them for long periods of time, since they find the necessary motivation to move forward.

3. Helps You Trust More in Others

If your self-esteem is low, it means you don’t think you are capable and also doubt the ability of others.

By increasing your levels of confidence in yourself, your faith in other people will also increase.

A person with high self-esteem knows that, just as he or she is capable of doing and solving many things, others are too.

4. Helps You Express Yourself Better

The more you trust yourself, the better you will express your ideas and feelings.

Maintaining high self-esteem allows you to ask anything you need clearly and safely.

If (for example) you want to achieve a salary increase, your attitude will help you ask your superiors the reasons why you feel you deserve it.

5. Helps You Maintain Better Relations

If you maintain high self-esteem, it means that you love yourself. That feeling is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with any other person.

It also means that you are sure of what you want, and therefore it will be easier for you to choose the right partner.

High self-esteem will also help you to identify toxic people , who may be trying to harm you. Quite the contrary, low self-esteem could make us victims of these types of people.

High Self-Esteem Characteristics

People with high self-esteem can be seen with the naked eye. Such a person speaks with conviction, walks safely and is someone who (without acting arrogantly, much less) feels very comfortable with himself and proud of the things he has accomplished in life.

Usually, these types of people maintain the following characteristics:

  1. They love each other, and trust themselves
  2. They manage their emotions well
  3. They dominate self-knowledge
  4. They know their life purpose
  5. They are always looking for their personal improvement
  6. They make decisions easily and safely, but they are also able to admit their mistakes and always try to amend them.
  7. They maintain a positive mindset in the face of any adversity
  8. They always have a life plan
  9. They practice positive affirmations
  10. And most importantly, they are happy

Tips to Increase Your Self Esteem

The lack of self-esteem (or low self-esteem) slows us down many times to take the necessary steps and to achieve the things we want. When someone suffers from low self-esteem, they tend to doubt every step they take, and this always results in frustrations, a lot of stress and (unfortunately) sometimes even depression.

That is why it is so important that we seek to increase our self-esteem and here I leave you some tips on things that personally worked for me and that could also help you a lot:

1.Learn To Love Yourself

At the beginning of this article we mentioned that many times we tend to be our worst critics. So, it is very important that we learn to be kind to ourselves and that we treat each other fairly.

2. Understand That Nobody is Perfect

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. We must understand that, although it is necessary to continually seek our overcoming, perfection should not be the objective, since it is not something realistic.

3. Accept That We all Make Mistakes

No one is perfect, therefore we all make mistakes. To commit them is of humans and here the important thing is to learn as much as we can from them (and that we try to amend them whenever possible). We all go through this part, which is essential in our development as people .

4. Do Not Compare

Stop comparing yourself to others, especially with people you don’t know or see on social networks. These images can be very misleading and not show the truth of what really happens behind the scenes.

Contrary to what social networks show us on a daily basis, nobody lives a perfect life and in order to improve yours, it is necessary that you pay less attention to that of others.

5. Be Your Best Version

Once you focus on yourself, you can determine what you can and should change, to become your best version. Do not seek to please anyone with these changes; you just have to do them for yourself and for the things you want to achieve in your life.

6. Practice Generosity and Empathy

It may sound cliché, but helping others and practicing empathy can really make you feel better about yourself.

I assure you that the feeling that gives us to put a smile on someone else’s face is priceless, and it can also work wonders in our mood.

Simple things like listening to a friend when he is going through a difficult time, reaching out to an older person helping him load the bags from the market and even stopping the car to help an animal cross the street without being run over, can do wonders in us. Opportunities to help someone else are everywhere.

7. Spend Time With the People You Love

And avoid people who make you feel bad about yourself. Usually, the people we love, also want us back and also care about us. Their positive energy is contagious and seeing how they treat us can help us understand how we should treat ourselves.

8. Sleep Sufficient

This issue is a point to which we do not give due importance, especially in the busy time in which he did not have to live. But sleeping well (and the amount of hours needed) has a great impact on our mood and, consequently, it also has on our self-esteem.

9. Exercise and Keep a Healthy Diet

Because it makes us release endorphins, physical exercise improves our mood. As an extra benefit, if we exercise and also make a proper diet, we can stay healthy and fit, which helps us increase our self-esteem.

10. Consent To Your Body

In addition to physical exercise and watching what we eat, there are also other ways to keep our body (and self-esteem) in the best possible condition. It is incredible the power that can have on us to go to give us a rich massage, visit our favorite beauty room for a new haircut or buy that nice dress that we loved.

Of course, they are not things we should do every day, but spoiling ourselves from time to time can help a lot.

11. Consent Also To Your Mind

Do more often the things that make you happy and try new things whenever you can. Find a way to find time to dedicate to your hobbies and recreation.

Life was made to enjoy it and you cannot focus solely on your work and responsibilities.

12. Stop Procrastinating

And we are not talking only about work. This also applies to those personal things you have set out to do and you still have them pending. Meeting the goals we set ourselves is one of the most important steps to improve what we feel for ourselves.

The satisfaction and pride that you will feel when you complete each of these tasks will undoubtedly help you increase your self-esteem.

13. Celebrate Your Small Victories

Take the time to celebrate those little things you accomplish during the day and that make you feel good.

Something as simple as finding a parking lot near the place where you work can make a big difference in your day. So why not be happy about it?

“But learning to treat each other well and improving our self-esteem is a time-consuming process.”

Just as the impression we have on someone else is not going to change with just a gesture from you (or overnight), the way we think about ourselves will not change.

However, we must be patient and work on it, because increasing our self-esteem is of utmost importance for our general well-being.

Once we learn to love and trust our abilities and abilities, we will understand that true happiness is within ourselves.

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