March 13, 2020
The secret book cover

Learn More About The Secret Law of Attraction

If you’re relatively new to the subject or even somewhat experienced, you will find a tremendous amount of free information I’ve made available for you here. Before I delve more in depth into the “Secret” Law Of Attraction I’m sure you didn’t arrive on this website by chance. You attracted it!

Maybe you’ve heard it from a friend, or on TV but there are good chances that you’ve heard of The Secret by now, in mid-February of 2007, “The Secret” became the top-selling DVD on and breaking numerous records along the way, while the hardcopy book version took the coveted #1 spot on USA Today and on the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

It has since appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show, The Ellen DeGeneres show, CNN Larry King Live and countless other Medias. For those wondering what the big “Secret” is, let us clue you in: It’s essentially the Law of Attraction, a universal law that says “like attracts like.”

The secret book cover

More specifically, it’s based on thoughts and emotions: What we focus on is what we create in our lives. The Law of Attraction is a theory commonly associated with New Age and New Thought theories. It posits that one should never dwell on the negative, as the “metaphysical principle of life” is embodied in a “law of attraction”: “you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.” The Law of Attraction is also referred to in The Bible through such passages as: “It is done unto you as you believe”.

William Walker Atkinson in his work “Practical Mental Influence” (published by The Advanced Thought Publishing co. 1908) states that the men and women who “get things” have a strong desire for that thing…and thereby attract it to them with their thoughts and strong desire. These men and women are constantly sending out strong waves of thought-vibrations, which in effect attract the physical reality of their thoughts.

Such is technology; there are devices that facilitate the attraction process. They can be called law of attraction devices…energizing the user’s thoughts for strong broadcast to the universe. In modern times, one of the earliest known formulations of the Law in the Western hemisphere is contained in the 1906 book (republished in 2006) Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World by William Walker Atkinson, editor of New Thought magazine. Dick Sutphen affirms that the Law of Attraction states, in a nutshell, that like attracts like. In March 2006 a film named The Secret reporting on the “Law of Attraction”, was made and gained much attention via internet video websites. The film was inspired by the producer’s reading of the 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, which in its introduction refers to the origins of the theory of the Law of Attraction as follows: “This theory is of Hindu origin, and has been gradually winning its way into the thought of the western world for three hundred years. It is the foundation of all the Oriental philosophies and those of Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Schopenhauer, Hegel and Emerson…..” The film is now available on DVD. Larry King, Ellen Degeneres, and Oprah Winfrey have broadcast shows based on the film.

A book based on the film has also been released. Some critics say that the claims made about the scientific justification of the Law of Attraction are not supported by any mainstream scientific research, and there have been no widely recognized studies demonstrating that the principle actually works (there are a number of recognized studies in which positive thinking has not had a measurable effect on objective conditions, while conversely scientific studies involving the use of placebos support the principle of positive thinking).

This article was written for one purpose: To explain to you as effectively as possible, exactly what you can do to have everything in your life that you can possibly imagine. And since that is such a tall order, I need to be able to explain how to do that in a way that does not seem “hocus-pocus” or require you to adopt some kind of “new-age” belief system, because I would lose a great many of those I am trying to reach if I went that route.


These principles are something of a “hidden secret” because although the world’s wealthiest individuals have gained their wealth through the utilization of these principles, they have not always been consciously aware that they were doing so. In this book we reveal what all wealthy people have in common, and how you can easily model their process for attracting wealth of any level.

The trick here is that to explain how you can literally manifest (an interesting word that scares off more than its fair share of people) anything you can imagine … and furthermore to prove that it is, in fact your duty to do so – I need to get into some very unusual areas of science that are quite foreign to many people.

You are going to finally learn why other approaches you may have tried in the past have failed to bring you the results you want. And actually, the reason is so simple! However, it is not so “easy” to explain. I suppose I could be called a “prosperity coach”, although I do not really feel comfortable with that term. One of the main reasons being that I have known a lot of “prosperity coaches” who are still struggling to make ends meets. They “know” the principles we will discuss here, but have yet to fully integrate them into their own lives.

When I first discovered these principles in the way that I am going to present them to you here, I was really struggling financially. And I, like those prosperity coaches I mentioned before, was out there “talking the talk” about how you can create your reality, but this issue of money was still way out of my control. I believed (and still do) in what I was teaching at the time in terms of how to go about living your life by design, but there were some serious missing pieces to the puzzle.


I finally found those pieces, and I turned everything around in only a couple of months. I am going to show you how you can do the same. I will share with you that being a “teacher” of these principles can be tricky business.

On one hand, I have the privilege of sharing what I believe to be the most exciting principles available for our use as human beings, because they truly give us access to anything we want. We are all “wizards in waiting”, and we only need be awakened to our ability before we can literally wave our magic wands and experience anything we desire.

The other side of the coin however, is that the information I am going to share with you can be quite confronting. Because when it comes down to it, your current situation … whatever that may be … is a direct result of what you are feeling, thinking, and believing. Unless you can take full responsibility for where you are now, you will never fully have control over where you are going.

Many people do not like to hear that. They feel much more comfortable pointing at external factors and placing the blame for their situation outside of themselves. It is just easier that way. And society has given these people plenty of ammunition to support whatever beliefs of being limited they may have.

But if we were really “controlled” by external situations, it would mean that we really have no freedom to decide our own destiny. It would mean that our environment was the ultimate deciding factor as to whether we would succeed or fail. We would simply be “reacting” our way through life. But do you honestly believe that we were put here on this planet to simply react to our environment? Oh sure, some people “react” just fine and are quite successful without any knowledge of the Law of Attraction whatsoever. Nonetheless, it is the Law of Attraction, which I will describe shortly, that determines their success.

Many people, however, do not do well by living in “reaction”. They consider themselves victims. They believe they were dealt a “bad hand”. Or worse, they simply do not believe they deserve the absolute best that life has to offer. As a result, they run around in circles in victim mode, perhaps buying libraries of self-help books, saying to themselves, “I hope THIS works” not realizing that they have all sorts of self-defeating conversations running at a subconscious level that will render even the most effective self-help material totally ineffective.

You can change all of that for yourself.

You are deserving of whatever you want. You truly are. This is one of the most important truths you can come to understand. It is truly unreasonable just how much wealth you can create using the Law of Attraction. At first, it may seem that what we talk about “defies logic”, but in fact, it demonstrates perfect, scientific fact.

If you have ever seen someone with seemingly unlimited monetary resources and ever thought “they have so much money it is ridiculous”, that is precisely the kind of wealth we are talking about helping you develop starting immediately. And it is so simple, if you let it be.

It is your ability to “suspend reason” that allows you to have success with these principles. Many of us come from very analytic backgrounds and we have a hard time just blindly accepting new concepts, particularly if they seem to fly in the face of everything we have ever learned. Many of you will be confronted with these kinds of thoughts … and that is okay. It is people like you for whom this book was specifically written. And it is all built around this one crucial principle:

The Universal Law of Attraction – Energy Attracts Like Energy:

As you begin to understand that everything in creation is based on a system of Energy – and when you learn some very basic things about how this Energy behaves – you will begin to unleash a creative force in your life that will seem miraculous. We will cover all this in detail!

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