March 13, 2020

Using the Law of Attraction to Find Love

Again and again, I am asked how the principle of resonance or the law of attraction in partnerships is effective. Also for the Dating, it is really helpful to know these simple basics of togetherness. Maybe you can even use it very meaningfully if you know its principles of action. It is definitely worth a try.

“As we call into the forest, so it sounds out.”
I have often heard this forest echo phrase from my grandmother and mother. Long before I heard of the law of attraction or the law of resonance.

Law of Attraction to Find Love

Law of Attraction to Find Love:

Let’s look at the Law of Attraction in the (Soul) Partnership. If you do not know what to do with such terms at first, because you find that “laws” in the realm of love have nothing to do with them, you might still pause for a moment. Think of your own, the past, partnerships or friends.

And now remember which partnerships can be described as “successful” and which failed and why it was so. Whether you use the concept of resonance law or another, you will be able to observe certain repetitions of processes and conflicts in almost all pairs.

Conflicts are normal and part of a partnership. But the way you handle it varies from couple to couple. It seems to be very important, if one recognizes the partner as an individual and thus as clearly “different” than oneself. Or whether one tries for various reasons to produce a kind of equality.

Opposites attract:

It is interesting to take a closer look at what will become of what originally constituted the charm of the other person. Often this is just the very different and – if you like – the exotic of a partner. Here’s an example: A calm, laid-back man who prefers to work with his computer, books, and a small number of really good friends, meets a woman on some occasion, perhaps a company party. She represents the exact opposite of him. This colleague is surrounded by listeners. She tells funny stories. She laughs a lot, is extroverted and almost attracts the masses. The mentioned man also likes to join. He listens to her, watching her move, basically revealing everything about herself. And he promptly falls in love with her. To make the story short: The two become a couple because the woman is just looking for someone who is predictable, quiet, certainly not like her.

Everything goes well?

There are basically two variants for the “continuation” of the story.

One variant, which describes how the two very different people become one entity, provides for the greatest possible acceptance of the specific nature of the partner.
The other unfortunately the opposite, namely permanent fighting and strangeness, which may culminate in a separation.
But let’s take the positive course once. Let’s see what the two so different people can do right so as not to stand in the initial fascination for the “Other,” but to turn it into something truly constructive.

After getting to know each other well, telling a lot about why they are, how they are, something like the working phase begins. The quiet man suddenly finds himself forced to come out of the reserve. Because his girlfriend has a large circle of friends and would like to introduce him to all friends of course.

Now he “has to go out” more often, finds himself increasingly strangers under him again – and finds that it is good that he gets new impulses. She in turn begins to appreciate even the quiet evenings without any appointment, spent quite comfortably with her boyfriend at home. Because she realizes that it was exactly this peace that she was missing. This somewhat idealizing depiction shows that the two of them are not that different in the end and can find themselves on a level – without denying their personality.

Opposites of external and internal nature:

The principle of spontaneous attraction has a lot to do with the things you’ve experienced before, and with those who create positive feelings and associations with you. In principle, you can rely on this intuitive attraction. It is, so to speak, your story in a summarized form. What seems attractive in the outer differences, is clear: You certainly do not want a double of yourself, but also someone who is a little surprising, who can also offer you new, new impulses.

Nevertheless, all theories and the results of investigations say that a relationship only has a future if there is a great deal of “inner” similarity. Incidentally, this is the principle used by many partnership agencies. This is about important things such as political views, goals in life, the importance of money, success, children, etc. Only if in these areas many matches are achieved, a partnership can go well in the long run.

If you have problems again and again: question the “prey scheme”

Often it is, and you will surely know that: A person speaks to you spontaneously, very much. He looks in your eyes really good, interesting or even fascinating, and you want to know more, necessarily get to know him. Actually, you already “know” it, because what is sometimes so flippantly called a “booty scheme” is used on a visual level in almost every human being.

What makes you so excited about this human being is something that you are programmed into subconsciously. It is not necessarily what you are doing well. The first great love is often decisive for the further search for a “dream partner”, with which it finally succeeds to be longer and harmoniously together. Just when you realize that you react positively to “the other” of a human being, to elements that are completely remote from your self, and basically always find the same type of human being exciting, you should go into it a bit.

Why did not it work with its “predecessors”? Do you really have to once again have the painful proof that a charming, well-trained guy is also someone who can be vain and unfaithful? We are not balls of our emotions, but thinking people who can broaden their horizons at any time. A little reflection instead of eternal repetitions with always the same frustrating outcome sometimes makes perfect sense. And – suddenly, not too sporty man can work great, simply because he has a stunning charisma. Stay open, life holds some surprise! With this openness, you can more easily meet a true soulmate than when you are full of conditions and pretensions.

Use the law of attraction for your soul partnership:

A lot can happen during one day. Before falling asleep, there is a good opportunity every day to mentally review the past day, to prepare for a restful night, and to thank you for all the beautiful things you have experienced. Repeat this exercise every day. Really every day! After a short time, you can experience how much positive things happen in your life and what you can really be grateful for. This will increase your readiness for a lasting and happy love. End all your days with thoughts and feelings that are good for you, and you will create a solid foundation for the future experience of the good and the positive. Ask yourself the questions:

What did you do well today?
What made you happy?
What are you proud of, whether it’s in the past or right in front of you?
What do you appreciate about your soulmate, now, yesterday and certainly tomorrow too?
What do you appreciate about yourself, what makes you an attractive partner?
What did you invite to your life through attraction?
Which kind of people do you want to give space to in your life?
What do you want to change to create positive feedback?

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